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Joyner and Associates LLC 
 Call us at: 216-781-4444
A provider of Intervention, Consultation, Support, Recovery Coaching, Education & Training Services for those concerned about a loved one’s addictive use of alcohol or other drugs 
What I Offer.......
Clinical Services
*Crisis Consultation, Education and Counseling for parents, spouses and other family members
* Formal Intervention Preparation, Facilitation and Follow Up
* Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment and Diagnostic Services
* One-to-One Recovery Coaching
Support Services
Education Group - Hour long series which covers a variety of topics for those who are seeking a better understanding of alcohol and other drug addiction; the impact of addiction on the family; establishing healthy boundaries; understanding "enabling" and the differences between healthy responses to the user rather than taking responsibility for their use or related behaviors.

The Family Group - 90 minute sessions which provides parents, spouses and other family members with a supportive forum in which to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences and the opportunity to learn from those who have or who are dealing with similar realities in a secure environment which reinforces the reality that you are not alone.

Education and Training
* Drug Free Workplace Seminars for employees & supervisors
* Alcohol and other drug training customized to meet professional licensing renewal requirements
* Student assemblies which are part of a comprehensive programming effort
* Meeting, conference and key note presentations for organizations which includes parent meetings, teacher in-services, professional conferences, law enforcement, etc.
* Customized training designed to meet the programming, skill development and education needs of your staff/organization
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If you would like more information about these services call (216) 781-4444 or email your questions to
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