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Joyner and Associates LLC 
 Call us at: 216-781-4444
A provider of Intervention, Consultation, Support, Recovery Coaching, Education & Training Services for those concerned about a loved one’s addictive use of alcohol or other drugs 
Joyner and Associates LLC
614 W. Superior Avenue Suite 1108 
Cleveland, OH  44113
​(216) 781-4444
SEEKING HELP CAN BE DIFFICULT.   You are not alone.  Pick up the phone....make the call.  We can discuss your specific situation and concern.  If this is a life threatening situation or you or someone you know is in crisis and requires immediate assistance, call "911" or go to your local hospital emergency room.
Joyner & Associates LLC
614 West Superior Avenue, Suite 1108
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
(216) 781-4444

Conveniently located in downtown Cleveland.  For directions from your home, please click here.
"Now that you know, there's no reason not to make a difference."
Joyner and Associates LLC ® 614 W. Superior Avenue Suite 1108, Cleveland, OH 44113

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